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Maui Marketplace

Maui's Favorite Place To Shop!

Maui Marketplace

270 Dairy Road
Kahului, HI 96732
Maui Marketplace, Shopping Mall, Shopping, Kahului, Hawaii

Whether you’re looking for top-tier dresses, restaurants, or sporting goods, you can find them all under one roof at Maui Marketplace. This premier mall in Kahului, HI, has committed itself to providing you with a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. Providing one-stop access to leading pet, clothing, and home improvement stores, this shopping center is truly a must-visit spot for everyone.

Housing top-of-the-line stores such as Old Navy, Office Max, and Lowe’s, Maui Marketplace saves you the trouble of making multiple trips around town. All it takes is a single stop at this shopping center to get the top products and services in Kahului and the surrounding areas. Even if you simply need a respite from the sultry heat outside, feel free to drop by at this air conditioned shopping mall.

Adhering to the highest standards in service and quality, the staff at Maui Marketplace is always happy to offer you assistance. No matter your age or purpose of visiting, they are ready to guide you through the numerous attractions and outlets available at the mall. From providing fashion and lifestyle essentials to insurance and banking facilities, they accommodate your shopping needs with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

What makes this phenomenal shopping center a treat for everyone is the availability of some of the top restaurants in the area. Their in-house food court offers a comprehensive selection of delectable Chinese, American, French, and local delicacies for you to choose from. Also, featuring a variety of casual restaurants, this mall is an ideal place for friendly meetings over a cup of coffee.

Visit Maui Marketplace today and see for yourself why this shopping center is the top choice for sporting goods, clothes, and office supplies. To learn more about the exceptional clothing and pet stores available, call (808) 873-0400, or take a tour of the website.

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