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Fences keep you, your family, and your property safe. Based in Elko, NV, General Fence is a team of fencing experts who will help you choose the best fencing solutions for your outdoor area. With a highly-trained staff and a willingness to address all your questions and concerns, General Fence is ready to assist you with making the smartest choices regarding fence design and selection.

The experts at General Fence offer installation and fence repair service for both residential and commercial clients. Turn to these fence contractors for charming picket fences to enhance the look of your lawn, or stylish garden fences to frame your flowers and shrubs. For commercial clients, including those working in industries such as construction, mining and agriculture, General Fence offers vinyl fencing, paddock fencing for livestock, and more.

Other convenient services from General Fence include temporary fencing for outdoor event management, patio covers and awnings, and even fence materials for customers tackling do-it-yourself projects. Full fence repair services are also offered, even if the fence contractors at General Fence didn't install the original barrier.

General Fence delivers competitive pricing and prompt service, and all materials and installations are guaranteed. Whether you're looking for a privacy fence for your home or vinyl fencing for your business, you'll enjoy top-quality materials and the latest fence designs. These specialists also maintain a useful website, providing considerations for customers to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate fencing for them.

For the best in decorative and functional fences, choose General Fence. Call (775) 753-6077 for a free estimate, or visit them online today. 

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