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K-9 Communication LLC, Dog Training, Services, Milford, Connecticut

K-9 Communication of Milford, CT, specializes in obedience and problem solving for dogs of all ages and breeds. Registered Master Dog Trainer Constantine "Gus" Marnel has nearly 50 years of dog training experience, applying proven and loving techniques to thousands of dogs with tremendous success. K-9 Communication's methods of teaching are based on canine science, and in addition to making the experience enjoyable for all involved, their "Lifetime Training Advantage" means the results are guaranteed for the life of your dog.

The dog training program at K-9 Communication begins with a no-cost temperament evaluation, giving them an opportunity to determine what kind of work is necessary to properly teach your pet. Once problem behavior has been identified, a program will be designed specifically for your pet's situation, complete with teaching methods that are fun for both the animal and owner. In addition to standard obedience training, K-9 Communication offers the option of protection training that will work toward instilling a flawless level of obedience.

Choosing a dog trainer is a big step, and above all else you want to make sure you find one that truly loves dogs. Gus understands the benefits of dog ownership, and it’s one of many reasons K-9 Communication stands shoulders above the rest. Head to their website for more information on the dog training process, including photos and helpful articles. You can also call them at (203) 874-7299 to set up your free consultation today.

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