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Emerson's Bakery, Donuts, Restaurants and Food, Florence, Kentucky

For the most delicious, freshly baked donuts and desserts in northern Kentucky, stop by Emerson’s Bakery in Florence. This friendly local bakery shop has been serving customers since 1970, and has built a reputation for having the best tasting and widest selection of baked goods in the area.

Emerson’s Bakery’s sought-after donuts are baked fresh daily. In addition to their famous donuts, these bakers also offer an array of breakfast pastries, breads, and cookies. Try their hand-made danishes that fill their displays daily.

Baked to perfection and full of flavor, Emerson’s Bakery also specializes in handmade pies, which are a favorite among their customers. They come in a variety of tasty flavors, including cherry, apple, key lime, pumpkin, chocolate, pecan, lemon, and even derby pie. Their pie fillings and crusts are always made fresh, using the finest ingredients.

When you need a celebration cake, rely on Emerson’s Bakery to create a decadent and beautiful masterpiece to suit any event. From birthdays and anniversaries to wedding cakes, Emerson’s Bakery can create a custom-made cake for any occasion. With a variety of flavors and decorations to choose from, their talented bakers and cake decorators will design you a delicious treat that’s just as unique as the event you’re celebrating.  

To see what sets Emerson’s Bakery apart from other local bakeries in northern Kentucky, stop by one of their five convenient locations today and taste their delicious baked goods for yourself. To place a custom cake order, call (859) 371-9228. Visit their website to see their latest bakery creations.

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Christmas Cookies are now in our stores.  Check out our website at emersonsbakeryky.com read more
Christmas Cookies are now in our stores.  Visit one of 5 locations.  Check out our website at emersonsbakeryky.com  read more
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Just baked Pound Cake is now in our stores.  Mention that you saw them on Facebook and receive $1 off. read more
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Smiley Face Cookies are now in all of our stores. read more
Smiley Face Cookies are now in our stores.  Get them while supplies last. read more
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