York, Nebraska

Chances ""R"" Restaurant & Lounge

Chances ""R"" Restaurant & Lounge

124 W 5th Street
York, NE 68467
(402) 362-7755
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If you’re craving expertly made prime ribs, steaks, and seafood delicacies, Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge in York, NE, is the place to be. For more than five decades, this family-operated local restaurant has been the top choice for Sunday brunches and happy hours. From delicious breakfast dishes to exquisite dinner entrees, every item reflects their chefs’ unmatched cookery skills.

Ready to serve you seven days a week, Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge makes every meal delightful experience for its customers. Their signature prime ribs, pastries, and seafood specialties are all meticulously prepared to please a diverse array of palates. Whether you want a snack, Sunday brunch, or dinner, this local restaurant will be glad to be of service from early hours of morning to past midnight.

Always looking to exceed your expectations, Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge is more than just a top-rated eatery. York’s most popular local restaurant also features banquet room and lounge facilities to provide you a dining experience tailored to your requirements. While the West Dining Room is ideal for corporate events, the East Dining Room exudes a warm and relaxing ambiance for intimate gatherings. Additionally, their Hobnob Lounge offers a casual atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to enjoy happy hour with your friends.

As a full-service restaurant, Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge also provides remote catering services for all types of casual and formal occasions. Their dedication to guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction has earned the local restaurant rave reviews on Yelp from multitudes of happy customers.

One visit to Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge will bring you back again and again for more of their steaks, seafood, and prime rib menu. To learn more about their catering and banquet hall services, call (402) 362-7755 and take a tour of their website.

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