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Memory Care Home Solutions

Memory Care Home Solutions

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Memory Care Home Solutions, Alzheimer's Care, Health and Beauty, Saint Louis, Missouri

Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are difficult conditions, but thanks to the caregiver training programs at Memory Care Home Solutions, they can all be navigated comfortably at home. Located in Saint Louis, MO, Memory Care Home Solutions offers expert in-home caregiving training as well as a variety of memory loss support and resources to help people with cognitive and memory-related problems stay independent for as long as possible.

Adult caregivers are an excellent alternative to assisted living facilities. In addition to providing much-needed home care to the client, a caregiver will vastly improve the lives of the client’s loved ones. The team at Memory Care Home Solutions provides personalized caregiver training, free interactive caregiver workshops and presentations, and short-term telephone counseling in the event of an elder-care crisis.

Alzheimer’s and other age-related memory loss issues can be significantly improved with the help of a caregiver. From providing reminders about medication and assisting with household tasks to playing games that improve cognition and establishing a schedule that maximizes lucid hours, caregivers can make dementia much easier to handle for everyone involved. In-home caregivers bring peace of mind to your entire family by taking on the bulk of the day-to-day care. Memory Care Home Solutions has established working relationships with many local healthcare providers, helping caregivers receive the proper training needed to care for your loved ones and manage their dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as it progresses.

The team at Memory Care Home Solutions is ready and waiting to provide you with first-rate caregiver training and family support. Call them now at (314) 645-6247 or visit them online for more information.

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