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Hurst Music

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Hurst Music, located in Lexington, KY, provides a variety of music-related services including school band and orchestra rentals, sales, repairs, and music lessons to amateur musicians as well as professionals. Having been in business for over 50 years and having a highly qualified and professional staff, they have the experience to advise and service customers based on first hand knowledge and skill.

Hurst Music is home to an impressive display of  professional and intermediate instruments for the experienced player as well as having quality student line instruments available for rental or purchase. Hurst is proud to offer instruments from the following respected manufacturers: 

* Yamaha

* Conn-Selmer

* Eastman

* Gemeinhardt

* Getzen

* Ludwig


Established in 1960.

After WW2, our founder George P Hurst moved down from his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to work at Shackleton's Music in Lexington, KY where he was in charge of the band & orchestra department.  In 1960, he sold his home to finance his own new store.

The business grew and soon moved to a new location on 660 E. Main St. During the mid 1980's, Hurst Music was purchased by Mel Owen Music, a music retailer in Louisville. 

Later, Dan Eberlein, a retired band director, purchased Hurst Music. Following Dan's passing in the mid-nineties, his wife, Dwana, (now Dwana Stevens) took over the business.

Hurst Music has since become one of the premier school service dealers in Central Kentucky and  moved to the current location on Mount Tabor Road, in order to meet this increased service demand.

George Hurst's legacy has continued through the years because the mission at Hurst Music has always been to provide the finest quality products, repairs, and service possible.

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