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Regional Water Authority

Regional Water Authority

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Regional Water Authority is a non-profit company supplying clean water to the communities of south central Connecticut. From the water source to your kitchen sink, an extensive team of conscientious professionals works together to bring you and your family clean public water you can depend on. 

The water treatment process begins on more than 27,000 acres of watershed land owned by Regional Water Authority. By keeping the land uncontaminated, they ensure that high-quality water is sent to water treatment plants, where the water is disinfected to eradicate dangerous microbes and then fluoridated to prevent cavities and protect piping. The treated water then makes its way to you through a meticulously maintained system of pipes, designed to deliver consistently clean water to you when you need it.

The demand for clean water is enormous and unyielding, but this drinking water distribution facility is up to the challenge. Each day, 430,000 citizens drink and utilize 46 million gallons of tap water that have been reclaimed and treated from the watershed land. To ensure their drinking water is always safe and healthy, Regional Water Authority performs more than 120,000 tests each year on samples collected throughout the system.

As a customer of the Regional Water Authority, you’ll enjoy an array of convenient self-service options on their website, where you can manage your account, pay your bill, schedule a meter reading, and more, on your own time, at any time of day.

Regional Water Authority’s commitment to the community does not end with providing dependable, clean water each day. They are also on a mission to protect the land resources throughout the watershed and aquifers and improve the quality of life in the areas they serve. Their civic involvement includes watering community gardens in New Haven, contributing to local causes through corporate giving and grants, and hosting local high school students for a hands-on summer camp where they’ll learn the value of water quality and the urgent need for leaders in water service organizations and other environmental sectors.

For questions about clean water and its distribution, call Regional Water Authority of New Haven at (203) 562-4020. Visit the website to see a list of their products and services.

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