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River Bank

4401 Mormon Coulee Rd.
La Crosse, WI 54601
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Since 1991, River Bank has specialized in providing La Crosse residents and businesses with high-quality banking services. With numerous locations in eastern Wisconsin, River Bank has easily combined the convenience and innovation of a major chain with the personalized attention of a small community financial institution. Whether you're an individual looking for investment advice or a commercial banking customer who needs a flexible and dedicated financial partner, you can count on River Bank to go the extra mile.

River Bank offers flexible products to fit any personal or commercial need with a broad array of customer-friendly features. In addition to affordable, convenient checking and saving accounts, your local banking location also provides IRAs and mutual funds, insurance products, health savings accounts, and government-backed loans. From extremely low-cost business checking accounts with no required minimum to highly affordable mortgage and commercial loans, River Bank provides everything necessary to promote the growth and prosperity of their customers.

The rates and fees at River Bank are among the lowest in the area, but that doesn't mean they sacrifice on service or features. They support 24-hour telephone banking, as well as an innovative online banking platform that offers a seamless, user-friendly way to track and manage your money. In addition, they offer free interest financing calculators on their website, including auto, home, and 401(k).

For individualized service and attention for your personal or commercial banking needs, stop by one of River Bank’s convenient locations around the La Crosse area. Visit their website to learn more about their range of services and find your nearest branch, or call (608) 788-6300 with any questions.

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