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Your smile says a lot about you. Dr. Ihab Messiha with Digital Dental Group has spent the past 20 years helping people maintain long-term dental health and beautiful smiles. Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Digital Dental Group specializes in pain-free dentistry, using state-of-the-art technology and innovative procedures to treat patients of all ages. 

At Digital Dental Group, the family dentist personalizes each appointment to meet the individual’s specific needs. In addition to regular cleanings, the friendly and knowledgeable dental professionals provide a wide range of restorative dentistry services, such as fillings, bridges, crowns, tooth extractions, and root canals. Their cosmetic dentistry services include dental veneers, dental implants, partials and dentures, Invisalign®, teeth whitening, Botox®, and more. Whether Dr. Messiha is performing a routine teeth cleaning exam or a complex root canal, he will ensure your comfort, restore your smile, and enhance your oral health.

At Digital Dental Group, patients receive advanced dentistry care with the most recent tools and techniques. The new CEREC machine allows this dental office to make same-day crowns, veneers, and bridges right in the office. Patients no longer have to wait on a lab to process these dental pieces. From surgically guided implants and dermal fillers to Invisalign and teeth whitening, Dr. Messiha shifts his practice to a new era in digital dentistry.

For more information about the services and customized treatment plans provided at this premier family dentistry practice, visit the Digital Dental Group website. With two convenient and accessible locations in the Dayton area, visiting the dentist regularly is a breeze. To make an appointment at the Dayton dentist office, call (937) 716-1130, or (937) 773-5732 for the Piqua office.

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