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When you're faced with a daunting legal issue, you want an experienced law firm on your side, with the skills they need to guide you through any situation. For generations, residents of the Willamette Valley have relied on the attorneys of Stayton Law for high-quality legal advice and wide-ranging expertise. Whether you're forming your own business or need help writing your will, you can depend on this team to help you achieve the best possible results for your legal situation.

This law firm combines the broad skill set of a major law firm with the dedicated service and personalized attention of a boutique office. With several attorneys on staff, Stayton Law offers legal services in a variety of practice areas, including:

  • Elder Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Corporate & Business Law
  • Employment Law

Legal issues such as these are often overwhelmingly complex with ramifications that could impact your life for years to come, so turn to local lawyers for legal advice as they truly understand the importance of your case. 

Stayton Law's staff of legal professionals do everything possible to develop a true understanding of your case before offering a legal strategy tailored to the unique needs of your situation. They strive to help you achieve your goals and will take the time to ensure your interests are truly projected.

Visit Stayton Law online now to see the full list of practice areas and read about the history of the law office has in the area, or call (503) 769-7741 to schedule your consultation today.

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