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Woody’s Sports Center

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Woody’s Sports Center

136 W Cotter Ave
Port Aransas, TX 78373
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For over 50 years, Woody’s Sports Center has served as the place for all of Port Aransas, TX, offshore, bay fishing, and outdoor aquatic sports needs. Not only does this tackle shop carry everything fishing related, from live bait and rods to sportswear, but it also coordinates charter boat rental and fishing trips to some of the best spots in the area. There’s also plenty here for people who would rather experience the lovely waters without fishing them.

Woody’s is a veritable mecca for people who love fishing, and a stop here is absolutely essential before heading out to the Gulf waters. The team is closely familiar with the local waters, organizes a number of charter fishing trips, and other activities for small groups. Some of these activities include:

  • Bay Fishing Trips: Using boats that get up to 25 feet in length and are piloted by licensed professionals, anglers gain access to some of the best areas for red fish and spotted trout.
  • Offshore Fishing: For the true sports people, Woody’s also organizes group trips on larger boats (up to 50 feet), to take on deeper waters and go after kingfish, shark, sailfish, marlins, and many others.
  • Dolphin Watch Tours: There’s nothing like seeing a pod of dolphins in the wild, and the crew at Woody’s knows exactly where these feisty, beautiful creatures can be found.
  • Jet Skiing: You can also rent top-of-the-line jet skis if your idea of a good time involves thrilling rides over the waves. You’ll have all of the safety equipment needed to ensure your time is truly unforgettable.
  • Parasailing: This is yet another way to have some fun while taking in the beautiful sights. Safely strapped in and harnessed to a speedboat, there’s just nothing like soaring above it all.

Once your day is done, you can relax and have a meal at The Back Porch Bar where you’ll meet the friendly and knowledgeable crew. There’s a reason Woody’s Sports Center has become a true fixture in the area. So, if you’re looking to make your vacation or time off truly special, look no further than this fishing and outdoor sports center. To learn more about charters, rentals, and sales, check out the shop’s website, or call (361) 749-5252.

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