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Whether you’re planning on redoing your entire kitchen or you’re in the middle of remodeling your bathroom, custom countertops are exactly what you need to put the finishing touches on your home remodeling project. Rino’s Tile & Stone is the number one resource in Anchorage, AK, for granite, quartz, and marble countertops. Their extensive slab yard includes stone to match everyone’s style and budget, and their experienced contractors provide the most advanced custom fabrication in the state. From new construction to renovations, you’ll find the countertops you need at Rino’s Tile & Stone.

Rino’s Tile & Stone is a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in their position within the Anchorage community. Their clients are their friends, families, and neighbors, and they work hard to provide them with the best service possible and the most affordable rates in the area. They manage to uphold strict standards while keeping their prices low at the same time. The key to beautiful, long-lasting countertops is high-quality material and expert craftsmanship, and no one does that better than Rino’s Tile & Stone.

The countertops at Rino’s Tile & Stone are fabricated by the best in the business and made from high-quality, imported materials. Their showroom includes granite, quartz, porcelain tile, marble and more. All you have to do to find the perfect countertop for your property is describe what you’re looking for to one of the personal shoppers at Rino’s Tile & Stone. They want to bring your vision to life, and they’ll listen closely to help you find countertops that will match both your style and budget. Once you make your final decision, take advantage of their countertop installation service to be sure your new counter is the perfect fit.

Turn your kitchen or bathroom into a space that you love with quality countertops from Rino’s Tile & Stone. From granite to ceramic tile, you’ll find it all in their large showroom. Call (907) 743-1075 to ask about their services, or visit their website to get a glimpse of everything they have to offer.

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