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Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, in Amsterdam, New York, focuses exclusively on matrimonial and family law issues. When it comes to your family, we fight for you. We are committed to providing you with knowledgeable, professional, assertive, and high-quality

Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney

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Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Services, Amsterdam, New York

The law practice of Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, in Amsterdam, NY, is devoted to matrimonial and family law. Since 1999, the office has represented individuals in a wide range of domestic relations matters, drawing on the attorney’s 28 years of legal experience.

At Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, legal service offerings include prenuptial agreements, adoptions, and divorces. From simple to complex cases, in mediation or trial, this attorney provides each client with personal attention and zealous representation every step of the way.

By focusing on family law and domestic relations cases, Attorney Vertucci stays on the cutting edge of legal developments in her field. Her membership in the Schenectady and Montgomery County Bar Associations gives her opportunities to network with peers and colleagues locally, enhancing professional relationships to benefit her clients.

After practicing law for a quarter-century, Attorney Vertucci’s carefully honed skills, extensive legal knowledge, and practical wisdom allow her to get right to the heart of difficult legal situations. At the firm of Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, clients can depend on receiving keen insight, on-point analysis, and problem-solving solutions. This seasoned attorney instills the confidence and peace of mind clients need in emotionally charged domestic cases. 

When you are facing any domestic relations legal matters, Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, in Amsterdam, NY, is ready to fight for you and win. Call (518) 843-6000 to schedule an appointment with this dynamic family law, legal separation, and divorce lawyer. To learn more about the full roster of legal services available, visit the website today, and like the firm on Facebook.

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