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With over 15 years in the Lake Country area, Martin's Septic Service is the team of professionals residents count on to solve their septic system problems.

Based in Milledgeville, GA, the company has deep knowledge of the local soil, which can have important implications for your septic system. The veterans at Martin's Septic Service will make the adjustments necessary for a smooth septic installation. Once the system is in place, the team will get your septic tank on a regular pumping schedule. If you notice anything strange about your septic tank drain field, they have seen every problem under the sun and can diagnose your issue right away. Whatever septic repair you may need, it won’t be a problem for these experts.

In all their years of septic pumping, Martin's Septic Service’s talented staff is skilled at solving other types of plumbing problems as well. Whether you need someone to look at a leaky faucet or investigate a blocked sewer line, the team can effectively solve your plumbing problem.

Martin's Septic Service is most distinguished by their renowned personal service. In addition to being state-certified, the staff members are extremely personable. They will be thrilled to answer any questions you might have and they will always go the extra mile to see that your concerns are addressed. To make sure you’re never left hanging, the company even offers 24/7 emergency service.

The next time you have a septic issue—whether you need a septic tank draining or a septic repair—expect to be treated like family when you reach out to Martin's Septic Service. For a free estimate, call (478) 452-8272. To browse the company’s full list of services, visit their website

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Are you debating on repairing or replacing your septic system? Vince Martin’s Septic Service can fully educate you on what would be the best option along with cost associated. We more
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