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There’s no better way to ensure efficient elder care planning than to entrust this detail-oriented task to Hurley Care Solutions in Rochester, NY. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid programs, the experts here furnish you with all your options in home care solutions. Facilitating your elder care in every way, they assist you with your Medicare enrollment as well as providing counseling for your plans and screening for possible benefit options.

Committed to offering top-tier elder care planning and care solutions, Hurley Care Solutions works around every client’s individual requirements. After carefully studying which services are needed to stay safe and how to pay for the needed services, the team assists you in accessing your care choices. If you don’t know yet whether you’re eligible for Medicaid or not, let their helpful staff talk you through the program requirements. Hurley Care Solutions can assist in your application, and also work to get you the recommended services. With them managing enrollment of services and how the services get paid for, you can count on receiving the best care solutions whether in your own home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

Always focused on keeping clients well-informed, Hurley Care Solutions is only a phone call away to discuss changes in health and the services needed to remain safe yet as independent as possible. Through their meticulously compiled resources, they educate you about the programs and services available, the benefits you qualify for and how it all comes together to provide your care. Offering the most up-to-date information in their counseling sessions, they equip you with the necessary tools for successful planning and enactment of decisions.

Serving clients across Rochester, Greece, Brockport, and Pittsford, Hurley Care Solutions gives you the assurance that your elder care needs are fully covered. To learn more about Hurley Care Solutions and get started on your planning, call their helpful team at (585) 471-5239 or take a tour of their website.