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Santiam Hospital  provides general acute care for the residents of Aumsville, Stayton, Sublimity, Mill City, Jefferson, and surrounding Oregon communities. Since 1953, the staff at Santiam Hospital has strived to promote healthy living and encourages their patients to lead a stronger and longer life.

Whether you need primary care, emergency attention, or wellness service, you are sure to receive quality, individualized care at Santiam Hospital. Their expert medical personnel use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat various medical issues. At Santiam Hospital, doctors rely on diagnostic imaging, digital mammography, and nuclear technology to accurately diagnose and treat their patients.

This Oregon hospital has been in service for more than half a century and continues to grow alongside the community. With new expansions in 2012, Santiam Hospital doubled in size and includes a surgery center, family birth center, and women’s health clinic. Their caring staff aims to create a warm, welcoming environment so patients and their loved ones feel comfortable the moment they enter the intimate waiting room. At Santiam Hospital, you will enjoy short wait times in their emergency room and receive top-notch surgical services at their surgery center.

Whether you need specialized care or want to schedule a wellness exam for preventative care, the experienced, personable staff at Aumsville Medical Clinic, Part of Santiam Hospital will provide quality and compassionate care. Visit their website to learn more about the health services they provide to residents of Aumsville, OR, and the surrounding areas, and call them at (503) 749-4734 to schedule an appointment today.

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When doctors are unable to assess your health through physical exams or clinical samples, medical imaging may provide the in-depth look they need. Imaging tools—such as X-rays, MRIs, more
Millions of people rely on caffeine every day.  And while they may joke about their dependency, it is a stimulant with an all-too-real ability to become addictive. Eventually, more
Preparing to have surgery is stressful, and it’s normal to feel uneasy about the procedure and your recovery. However, educating yourself about the process will alleviate your more
If you are a woman past the age of 18, it’s important to schedule a yearly visit with a gynecologist. An annual exam is not only an opportunity to request birth control or get more
Exercising is a crucial part of preventive care, which should be performed either moderately or vigorously approximately four hours a week to lower one’s risk of cancer and more
It’s an all too common problem. You feel an ache or pain, and pretend that it’s nothing until the problem worsens and you need specialized care. To practice better health and more
Countless people like to eat their steak rare, and while it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get sick, there are consequences to consider. A variety of bacterial and environmental more
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Gastroparesis is a health condition in which an individual’s stomach is unable to properly move partially digested food into the small intestine. This is because the contractions more
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When visiting a women’s health clinic for a routine examination, many expectant mothers have questions regarding labor and the possibility of having a cesarean delivery, otherwise more
Skin is the human body’s largest organ—and one of its most complex. A number of developmental factors influence it and sometimes result in conditions like vitiligo. This more
Dementia impacts the lives of more than 50 million people worldwide, with 10 million new cases each year. If family history or other factors put you at risk of cognitive impairment, more
While many times, our bodies are capable of self-healing, there are some unfortunate incidents in which the immune system will actually attack itself. Lupus is one such condition, more
Every day, people suffer life-threatening injuries, many of which involve significant blood loss. Luckily, blood reserves from donors help supplement this, playing a crucial role in more
Estimated to impact at least 5% of the American population, appendicitis is a severe infection of the appendix—a small segment of tissue located near the end of the intestines. more
Roughly 2-3% of teens between the ages of 13 and 17 suffer from an eating disorder. As a serious, sometimes fatal illness that is often linked to mental health, it’s crucial more
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Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly abbreviated as GERD, is a condition in which stomach acid flows back into the esophagus. While most people experience some level of acid more
Some of us spend a while in the morning deciding what to wear. But if your thoughts are mostly about what’s stylish, you may be ignoring ways your clothing can affect your health. more
While type 1 and type 2 diabetes share some similarities, the truth is that these diseases are very different—as is the specialized care patients need to control more
Sepsis results from an existing infection within the body. Instead of fighting off the agents causing the infection, the body has an extreme response that can damage organs and more
If you go to a primary care clinic for concerns about your health, it is likely that the doctor will write you a prescription as part of the treatment. Make sure to ask more
Changes in libido are a normal part of life and may reflect health and relationship changes. However, if you’re experiencing a chronically low sex drive, it may be time to see a more
Providers at primary care clinics will often prescribe medications to help their patients manage all kinds of conditions. Advancements in medical science have made it more
Whether you invest in nail treatments or simply try to keep them clean, pay attention to your fingernails for more than just aesthetic reasons. Changes in nail appearance or more
Everyone experiences periods of high stress from time to time. However, if you live in a chronic state of tension, it could be affecting your health. Stress may be a psychological more
Staying active helps people of all ages stay healthy, and participating in sports can teach children about teamwork and dedication. Asthma, however, a respiratory disease that more
Much of the conversation around breastfeeding centers on its benefits for the newborn. While these are certainly important, you’ll probably also be interested in the benefits it can more
Thanks to advances in preventive care, many of the world’s deadliest diseases have become extremely rare, if not fully eradicated. Following a proper vaccination schedule for more
If you’ve scheduled a c-section with your women’s health clinic, you probably have quite a few concerns about the period after the procedure. Taking care of a new baby and more
Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the world, but 34.3 million Americans ages 18 and older still smoke. The highly addictive substances in cigarettes make the more
If you think that all bacteria are bad for your health, think again. Probiotics live in the gut microbiome, promoting healthy digestive function and offering preventive more
After you visit your primary care clinic and receive a prescription, taking your medication should become a regular part of your daily routine. These treatments can improve your more
Your doctor probably checks your cholesterol annually as part of your preventative care routine. Knowing these numbers can help you make choices that can lead to a longer, healthier more
The internet is a remarkable tool that can enlighten, educate, and empower. But it can also sometimes be a hindrance, such as when you suspect you have a health issue. Most injuries more
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Kids bump their heads all the time, which is why many parents are slow to react when their little one sustains a mild head injury. However, concussions in children are not uncommon. more
Every year in the U.S. approximately 610,000 people have heart attacks. While some factors, such as age and genetics, can’t be avoided, there are steps you can take to reduce more
Weight plays a significant role in overall health and can impact every aspect of the body. Obesity, marked by a body mass index over 30, remains a global problem tied to many more
Diabetes is a fairly common disease that inhibits insulin production. It can also prevent the body from using any insulin that is produced efficiently. Since this hormone more
It's hard for anyone to contemplate their own passing. And yet, by signing up to be an organ donor, you can make your last act on earth one that saves and improves the more
Whether you have diabetes or are hoping to be more health conscious in the new year, make managing your blood sugar a priority. While there is some healthy fluctuation from person more
If you have an operation coming up, it’s natural to feel hesitant. However, the proper preparation can not only help ease your concerns but also make the process go more smoothly. more
For patients with asthma, bronchitis, and other conditions affecting the respiratory system, specialized care can help minimize symptoms and return them to full health. This more
If you have a procedure scheduled at a local surgery center, you probably have questions on how to prepare. What you do before your operation can have a real impact on the final more
Diagnostic imaging is an essential tool in the medical field. With these exams, doctors can see inside the body to reveal the root of problems ranging from bone fractures and torn more
Playing sports is a fun pastime for many kids; however, they present injury risks even when your child wears the proper equipment and uses the right techniques. Fortunately, proper more
Flu season is in full swing. And while the flu shot is your best bet for not getting ill, it isn't 100% effective. Therefore, you should still encourage your family to follow& more
Infectious disease management is an important part of specialized care. Knowledge of common infectious diseases is crucial in this case, as it empowers the average person to steer more
Heart health is something everyone should be aware of, as heart disease is a leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Fortunately, patients can limit their more
The field of pulmonology focuses on respiratory health. Specialists see patients with breathing problems and those with pre-existing conditions like asthma. When preparing for more
Every year, the Centers for Disease Control warns against the dangers of seasonal illness, particularly pneumonia and the flu which, in any given year, can be responsible more
If you’ve dined out recently or shopped in the grocery store, you may have seen “gluten-free” marked on menus and products. What does this quality mean, and for whom is it directed? more
Orthopedic doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and osteoarthritis. These conditions can more
While a child is a beautiful, and sometimes long-awaited, gift, the moments leading up to your due date can be full of questions. However, by working with a compassionate and more
If you have asthma, standard care from a primary physician may not always be enough to prevent and manage symptoms. In many cases, those who have persistent or severe breathing more
When an injury, arthritis, or other orthopedic issue is causing chronic pain that limits your mobility, total knee replacement can provide a long-term solution. But while this more
Everyone wants to stay healthy and enjoy a long and active life. Fortunately, preventive care can help you be a proactive and involved participant in your own health and wellness. more
Orthopedic joint surgery can alleviate severe pain and mobility issues so that you can, once again, enjoy a fulfilling, active life. However, it is still natural to feel more
How do you know if your symptoms warrant a trip to your local emergency room? Because people are often inclined to downplay their symptoms, it can be hard determining whether they more
Every year, nearly one million Americans are hospitalized by pneumonia—a dangerous infection of the lungs that impairs breathing. According to CDC estimates, about 50,000 of those more
If you’ve been recommended to see an orthopedic doctor due to persistent knee pain, you may be unsure about what to expect. While some knee conditions can be improved through more
With temperatures dropping, many people across the U.S. will soon be at risk of falling sick. Luckily, there are simple and practical preventive care tips you can follow to reduce more
Lung cancer is responsible for roughly 27 percent of all cancer-related deaths. This figure may not mean much out of context, but when you consider the fact that there are more
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) occurs in thousands of infants each year. It is the sudden death of an infant under the age of one year from unexplained causes. While more
First-time parents encounter many new experiences as their infants grow and develop. To differentiate what’s normal from conditions which may demand specialized care, it’s helpful more
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is a lung disease that causes breathing difficulties. A progressive illness, it can be fatal if not diagnosed early and managed more
October is Healthy Lung Month, which serves as a reminder for everyone to consider how their lifestyle could be affecting their respiratory system. It’s common knowledge more
October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With this in mind, now is the time to schedule an appointment at a women’s health clinic to get a mammogram. If you’re curious more
When it comes to specialized care, non-invasive cardiology has much to offer. This medical discipline focuses on providing patients with the knowledge they need to maintain optimum more
From X-rays to MRIs to CT scans, diagnostic imaging is one of the most beneficial resources available to health care providers today. These tools use radiography technology to more
Whether you need a routine checkup or antibiotics for a bacterial infection, a primary care clinic is typically a patient’s first stop for most non-emergency health issues. Santiam more
The emergency room is your go-to medical provider for urgent cases. This includes major medical problems and traumatic injuries. A trip to the ER can be nerve-wracking and knowing more
Physicians offer various types of medical help, but two of the most common are diagnostic and preventative care. These approaches provide options to address current problems more
For moms-to-be who are looking for a natural childbirth experience, a family birth center is a perfect option. These centers provide expectant mothers and their partners with a more
Diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive procedure that uses high-energy modalities to allow doctors to look inside your body. It aims to diagnose diseases, monitor the progress of more
Whether you’re visiting a women’s health clinic for a routine checkup, to monitor the progress of your pregnancy, or to have a more serious condition treated, you want to be in more
Preventative care is a term that’s been used in the medical community for years, but you may not be clear what all it entails. Santiam Hospital provides the Mid-Willamette more
The Zika virus has been raising concerns in an increasing number of countries around the world. Since the virus is relatively new, more information is being gathered about how it is more
Summer means more time outdoors, which can result in more accidents and injuries. With emergency rooms experiencing a high volume of patients and increased waiting times, it’s more
Holding your newborn baby for the first time is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Before you take your little bundle of joy home with you, it’s important for your baby more
June is National Safety Month, and the professionals at Santiam Hospital want to make Oregon residents aware of certain medical issues that require immediate medical more
For more than 60 years, Santiam Hospital has been providing high-quality care for Oregon residents in the Mid-Willamette Valley area. One of the hospital’s premier more