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When residents of West Salem, WI, and surrounding areas need furnace and air conditioning services, they turn to Risch Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1982, the experienced air conditioning contractors at this family-owned business have rendered unmatched HVAC solutions to countless local clients. From top-tier geothermal heating and air conditioning products to reliable furnace repairs and installation, you can get them all at this one-stop shop.

Dedicated to providing you premium HVAC designs at the most competitive rates, Risch Heating & Air Conditioning houses an extensive inventory of Armstrong Air products. While their air conditioners guarantee relief during the summer, their phenomenal furnaces ensure incomparable warmth in the midst of Wisconsin’s subfreezing temperatures. Moreover, their exclusive collection of geothermal heating and air conditioning options make for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly addition to your home.

Take advantage of the company’s unrivaled furnace repairs and installation facilities to optimize the benefits their product line offers. No matter what hour of the day you require furnace and air conditioning repairs, these air conditioning contractors will be happy to assist 24/7. They also offer a complete range of maintenance services to keep your home’s furnace and air conditioning running smoothly. With the licensed and insured technicians managing your HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair work, expect nothing less than the highest standards in workmanship.

With customer satisfaction being the top priority at Risch Heating & Air Conditioning, every client is given HVAC solutions based on their individual needs. Anytime you call them for a consultation, their air conditioning contractors assess your premises and furnish you with a free and upfront quote. Providing an honest breakdown of the costs, they make sure you receive the best furnace and air conditioning solutions at an affordable price.

To give you a comprehensive comfort package, Risch Heating & Air Conditioning also offers top-of-the-line water heaters, electric boilers, and air purification systems. Take a tour of the website to find out about the HVAC products and services offered. Give them a call at (608) 786-2676 for consultations.

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