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Neck pain, sports injuries, headaches—these are just some of the common complaints that lead people to seek chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation services. Located in East Hartford, Connecticut, May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation aims to give patients a higher quality of life with alternative health treatments. If you are suffering from physical pain or discomfort, these experts will help.

Dr. Ryan May has been practicing chiropractic and alternative health care since 2002. A licensed chiropractor, he continues his education in order to ensure his patients the most cutting-edge treatments available. He is supported by a team of skilled massage therapists and a friendly support staff who all share one aim: to help people feel better. A quick look at their patient testimonials makes it clear that they are succeeding!

May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation offers chiropractic treatment and MLS laser therapy as well as complementary healing techniques like massage therapy, nutritional advice, and applied kinesiology. You can come to them for a variety of ailments from back pain to sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and more. A full X-ray on site can also help identify the cause of unexplained pain. With their “whole person approach” to treatment, these healing experts aim to fix the cause—not just the symptoms—of your ailment.

No one should have to live in physical pain or discomfort. Based on this belief, May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has a pricing structure that provides care to those with all types of budgets. The office participates in most insurance programs and also accepts accident and workers’ compensation cases. Flexible payment programs can be arranged for those who have minimal or no chiropractic insurance coverage.

If you are in need of chiropractic treatment or rehabilitation services, look to May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation for help. Visit their website for more information on services, payment options, and new patient information. If you are having health concerns, don’t hesitate to call (860) 568-3900 to make an appointment. The friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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