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Loyalty Chimney Sweep and Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Every year, house fires are caused by fireplaces and chimneys that have fallen into disrepair. Whether you knew it or not, your smokestack requires the same sort of maintenance and service as any other part of your home, and failing to do so could lead to accidents and serious property damage. Rather than risking the safety of your family, the chimney sweeps at Loyalty Chimney Service in Danbury, CT, recommend getting regular chimney inspections to detect any problems. They also recommend you clean out your smokestack and protect your valuables.

Proudly servicing the entire Waterbury area, these chimney sweeps have spent the past 16 years providing homeowners and businesses with comprehensive chimney service and repair, from inspections and cleaning to chimney cap and liner installation. In fact, Loyalty Chimney Service is so popular throughout Fairfield County, they've received a variety of five-star ratings on Yelp, along with client testimonials praising their chimney sweeps for providing their property with affordable and reliable services.

More than a chimney sweep company, Loyalty Chimney Service also specializes in dryer vent maintenance and repair. Dryer vents, much like your fireplace and smokestack, can pose a threat to your property and family since they're known to collect lint and sometimes even cause house fires. If you're looking for a fully licensed and insured business to protect your home from danger, contact Loyalty Chimney Service for a job well done.

Call Loyalty Chimney Service today for your estimate at (203) 743-5228. Visit the website for a full list of chimney services, and don't forget to visit the chimney sweeps on Facebook for tips and deals.

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