Del Ray, Virginia

The Barre Tech

The Barre Tech

2409 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 299-0259
The Barre Tech, Fitness Centers, Health and Beauty, Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria's premier barre studio,The Barre Tech, is designed to accommodate every level of fitness, with a full range of courses including prenatal and postnatal health. The instructors have over 20 years of experience among them, and are trained and vetted by founder and certified specialist Amy Barnes, ensuring that every teacher is prepared for center stage. The barre studio believes in the power connected between a fit body and an equally fit mind, making it their mission to fuel your desire for both physical and mental fitness.

The stylish studio provides dynamic fitness classes that blend the best of ballet-barre work, Pilates, and yoga to systematically lengthen and sculpt your muscles, and create a beautiful, lean physique. The barre is used for safe and controlled exercise movements, combining elements from both interval training and strength training.

At the Barre, there is a “Code.” And that code is founded upon one crucial concept: technique. Proper technique is essential to creating and running a safe and effective exercise program. The goal is to provide hands-on correction with body-alignment, form, and overall technique to lift your body and mind to the next level. The instructors encourage and cultivate a friendly environment with great music that inspires results, making each class fun and addictive. Classes thrive on positive, invigorating energy, which is why so many enjoy coming to the studio. The carefully constructed synergy of the workout leads to fast results, creates challenges, and transforms them into opportunities that make every moment at The Barre Tech worth it!

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