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Hamden Memorial Funeral Home

We have been serving the Hamden, CT area since 1936. Hamden Memorial Funeral Home was the first funeral home established in Hamden.

Hamden Memorial Funeral Home

1300 Dixwell Ave.
Hamden, CT 06514
Hamden Memorial Funeral Home, Funeral Planning Services, Family and Kids, Hamden, Connecticut

The grief of losing a loved one can make it challenging to manage the funeral arrangements on your own. Turn to Hamden Memorial Funeral Home in Hamden, CT, to arrange a meaningful memorial service and pay a fitting tribute to your loved one. Since 1939, this premier funeral home has furnished countless aggrieved clients with tailor-made funeral packages for their deceased family members.

Whether you want a traditional funeral with a casket or require cremation services, Hamden Memorial Funeral Home is ready to be of service. If you opt for cremation, the funeral parlor will supply you with funeral urns to preserve your beloved’s remains. This funeral home has everything you need to set up memorial services without a hassle.

To add a personal touch to the memorial service, the staff member can hold a one-on-one discussion with you about the deceased and tailor the funeral arrangement accordingly. Housing an expansive selection of caskets and funeral urns, the funeral home customizes every item per your request. For seamless memorial services, Hamden Memorial Funeral Home encourages you to plan ahead and fill out the pre-planning forms for clear-cut instructions.

The heartfelt sorrow Hamden Memorial Funeral Home feels for your loss is translated beautifully into words by their experienced obituary writers. In addition, the in-house professional therapists offer you support through your grief by providing counseling sessions.

Serving Hamden and the surrounding areas with the best funeral arrangements and cremation services, this funeral home stands by you in your time of grief. Get the details on Hamden Memorial Funeral Home’s funeral packages by calling (203) 248-5668 or by visiting the website.

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