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A lot can go wrong with transmission repairs. If you’re dealing with a transmission issue, you'll want to place your vehicle in the hands of a facility committed to providing you with impeccable results. This is exactly the kind of service you’ll get with BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island, a transmission repair shop serving Grand Island, NE. These experts get the job done right, and they back their service with a 24,000-mile warranty on all work done to cars and light trucks.

This facility will provide you with a transmission flush to keep your car running like new and with transmission repair to remedy any problems. These specialists know their way around automatic transmissions, and they also provide manual transmissions with skilled clutch repair and clutch replacement. Trust the talented transmission service experts to work on both foreign and domestic models. They'll also perform first-rate service on differentials, 4-wheel drive transfer cases, and front-wheel drive vehicles.

With these transmission experts, you'll benefit from perks designed to add convenience and save you money. Free towing is provided up to 100 miles, and a free loaner car is offered while your vehicle is being repaired. BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island has the technology on hand to provide you with a lightning-fast transmission diagnostic, and one-day transmission service is also available. Hundreds of transmissions are in stock, facilitating a speedy turnaround. 

With ASE-certified mechanics and more than 25 years of experience, BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island has the resources to provide your car with an unparalleled standard of care. The technicians at this transmission center stay abreast of the latest industry developments via membership in organizations such as the Automatic Transmission Service Group and the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. The shop's commitment to honesty and integrity is reflected in its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you're in the market for a transmission flush or clutch replacement, get the assistance you need by contacting BG&S Transmissions of Grand Island. Call (800) 652-9280 to learn more, or visit these auto transmission experts online

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