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The devastating impact of opiate abuse affects millions of people in the United States. The decision to seek drug addiction treatment is not always easy, and the addiction recovery experts at Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, IL, are fully aware of this. That’s why they offer caring, comprehensive treatment to help you get your life back.

At the core of Brightside Clinic’s treatment program is the use of Buprenorphine medical treatments. The use of medications such as Zubsolv® and Suboxone® helps you eliminate cravings and stop misusing prescription opiates and heroin.

This drug addiction treatment allows your body to stabilize during the withdrawal process and avoid many of the complications that otherwise occur when you try to quit drug use. Your treatment is closely monitored, and medication dosages are adjusted as needed to ensure your body stays healthy during recovery.

What sets Brightside Clinic’s drug addiction treatment program apart from others is the way their recovery plans are adapted to fit each individual’s circumstance. These plans take into account your unique drug abuse issues, as well as any other medical conditions that could affect your treatment, such as surgery or pregnancy.

In addition, Brightside Clinic offers individual and group counseling services to help you adjust to the mental and emotional changes that occur during addiction recovery. Their team works with you so you can reach your long-term recovery goals. They also work closely with insurance companies and discount programs to reduce the cost of your treatment and provide you with affordable care.

With the help of Brightside Clinic’s Buprenorphine MAT program, you can recover from addiction! For more information about the services offered by these addiction recovery experts, call (224) 205-7866 or visit them online.

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