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After a personal injury, it’s easy to feel trapped. We’re the law firm specializing in workers compensation that can help you move forward. With years of experience in the area of employment law, we will treat you as a client, not a case, respecting your unique situation. We understand that you need to take care of your family and get back to work — that you need to start being you again.

Workers who are injured on the job often have legal questions about workers compensation. Our Lawyers can address their confusion, clarify, and provide answers to workers compensation questions. Workers often have questions about what they're entitled to, if they should pursue legal action against their employer, how they should move forward, and what the source of their income will be while they're incapacitated, etc.

If you have questions about workers compensation, find out how at StraightForward Legal.

Visit our website for hours and services. Call the 24-Hour Workers Compensation Hotline at 215-391-4965.