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Because your daily life revolves around water, you need it to be clean, safe, and free of chemicals. If you’re not happy with your water quality or your home’s current water filtration system, Chem Free Pure Water Systems has your solution. Located in Hiawassee, GA, Chem Free Pure Water Systems was founded over 40 years ago with one goal in mind: to provide their clients with the water purification services they need for healthy, pure water.

If your water is cloudy, dulls your white laundry, smells like chlorine, or gives you any other reason to suspect that it’s not as clean as it should be, the water purification experts at Chem Free Pure Water Systems will diagnose the problem and offer you affordable water solutions. Founders Thomas and Marge Phillips are Class 4 Water Experts—a license issued by Georgia declaring they are current on all water purification systems and analysis techniques. If you have community water, they are certified to maintain it and send samples to the state.

To achieve the highest water quality possible, Chem Free Pure Water Systems offers several water treatment options. A trained expert will test and analyze your water and then suggest the best way to improve its quality. They carry whole-house chlorine removal systems, ultraviolet light purification systems, and Iron Breaker III systems that use iron removal filters to eliminate both iron and sulfur that contaminate water. Their easy-to-use water filters can be shipped across the country or installed locally by their knowledgeable staff.

No one should have to go without clean water. Contact Chem Free Pure Water Systems today to start receiving high-quality, pure water. Call them at (800) 657-5150 to schedule an appointment with their water purification experts in Hiawassee, or visit their website to learn more about their water filtration options.

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