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Mikie Walding Management Company Inc.

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Mikie Walding Management Company Inc., Property Management, Real Estate, Midland City, Alabama

The experts at Mikie Walding Management Company deliver superior property management for both rental property owners and tenants. Serving Midland City, AL, this commercial management business is family-owned and operated, with a staff of experts providing peerless customer service and bringing unmistakable value to their community.

Whether you own a rental house or an apartment building, property management can be a hassle; these specialists assist you by handling all the relevant details. The property managers at Mikie Walding Management Company seamlessly and efficiently tackle rent collection and all maintenance issues with 24-hour service. They'll also use their insight to give you smart business advice, helping you to maximize the value of your rental property.

If you're a tenant, turn to these experts to find a perfectly sized rental in a fantastic location at an amazing price. All the apartment buildings and rental houses supervised by these property managers are smoothly run and flawlessly maintained. These specialists only manage house and apartments that they themselves would feel comfortable living in; whether you're a young single or a retired couple, you can look to Mikie Walding Management Company for affordable, clean, and safe housing. 

The company's experts offer years of experience and are committed to keeping up with the latest developments in property management via continuing education. If you're a prospective tenant confused about what to look for in an apartment rental, you'll find useful advice on the company's website. 

Call (334) 983-3571 to speak with a friendly property manager, or learn more by visiting Mikie Walding Management Company online. Let these dependable professionals handle the details of your new property today.

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