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Seafood is a delicacy enjoyed the world over, but it can be difficult for restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets to find a supplier that can deliver both fresh and frozen fish when and where they need it. Tropic Fish Hawaii in Honolulu supplies local and international customers, wholesalers, and distributors with the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood from Hawaii and abroad.

Tropic Fish Hawaii is part of CMU & Associates, the largest distributor of seafood in the state. As a fully developed company, they have the resources and distribution to meet the seafood program needs of any client, regardless of scope or location. Tropic Fish Hawaii ships their fresh and frozen catches via airplane to ensure the quickest delivery possible, and their product can be transported to many major cities in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Besides their advanced distribution network, Tropic Fish Hawaii is known for their premium selection of fish, including bluefin and yellowfin tuna, marlin fish, mahi-mahi and more. Tropic Fish Hawaii buys their product daily from local fishermen and auctions, allowing them to stock the highest quality and freshest product at the best price for their customers. Tropic Fish Hawaii also has direct access to fresh and frozen imported seafood for those customers who require fish nonindigenous to the area.

This reputable seafood supplier takes a friendly, engaging approach to their business, offering recipes from chefs they supply on their website and profiles of their helpful employees. Dedicated to providing delicious seafood with a smile, Tropic Fish Hawaii is an excellent choice for your place of business.

Whatever your seafood requirements may be, call Tropic Fish Hawaii LLC at (808)591-2936 or visit them online to learn about their latest prices and specials. 

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