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Your oral health plays a significant role in your overall well-being, and you want a dentist you can trust. As a third generation dentist, Dr. David Jones at Jones Dentistry is dedicated to providing Flathead Valley residents with the best dental care possible. For over 25 years, this family dental practice has been a valued part of the Kalispell, MT, community. Their mission is to help every patient achieve their oral health care goals through their friendly staff, modern equipment, and effective treatments.

Founded in 1931, Jones Dentistry has a long history of providing exceptional oral health care services, from restorative care to cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Jones specializes in crowns, bridge work, and preventative care. Whether you need a teeth cleaning, root canal, or dentures, they’ll deliver effective dental care to help you achieve that bright, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. They’re interested in providing long-term results that will lead to a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

The staff at Jones Dentistry are friendly and compassionate and truly care about you and the health of your teeth. Dr. Jones is known for his gentle touch and the personalized care he gives to each patient. He strives to make treatments as painless as possible, and his team of friendly dental professionals aims to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Whether it’s time for a routine checkup or you’re interested in brightening your smile with teeth whitening treatments, you’ll find the supportive, quality care you need at Jones Dentistry. Schedule an appointment today at this Kalispell family dental practice by calling (406) 755-7123.

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