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Protect what you value most from the unexpected disasters life can throw at you with coverage from Robert Taylor Insurance. Since opening their doors in 1989, this independent insurance agency has become Lorain's leading insurance provider by delivering personalized attention, full coverage, and reasonable prices to all of their clients.

These independent insurance agents offer coverage for all of your life and home needs, including:

  • Auto, Motorcycle, ATV, & Boat Insurance
  • Homeowners & Renters Insurance
  • Business & Commercial Insurance
  • SR-22 Insurance & Bonds
  • Life Insurance

No matter your insurance needs, rely on the friendly and experienced team at Robert Taylor Insurance. As independent agents, they can offer customized coverage tailored to your unique situation and priced to fit your budget. These caring agents take the time to fully understand your needs, find the policy that fits best, and clearly explain your coverage. They pride themselves on knowing their way around the insurance business, and will do whatever they can to help you get the coverage you need. They even offer remedial driving courses to help lower your rates and specialized policies for drivers who may not have the ideal record some carriers look for.

From shopping for a policy to filing a claim, you'll find that working with Robert Taylor Insurance is an enjoyable, educational, and stress-free experience. Visit their website to learn more about their unique approach to insurance, or call (440) 277-5191 to make an appointment today.

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