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Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise

Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise

416 Idaho
Elko, NV 89801
Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise, Safety Clothing & Equipment, Shopping, Elko, Nevada

For over 80 years, Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise has been Elko, Nevada’s premier work clothing and footwear retailer. Owned and operated by the Anacabe family for several generations, this business still has the old-world feel and unique charm of a classic general store. From work clothes and steel-toed footwear to safety equipment, Basque items, and souvenirs, these friendly retailers will be sure to outfit you in the highest quality working garments at prices that are simply unbeatable.

Work clothing and boots are one of the specialties at Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise. Whether you’re a miner, a rancher, a lineman, or a wildland firefighter, you will be sure to find the hardwearing garments and footwear that you need in order to complete your job effectively and safely. These retailers carry an incredible selection of boots, steel-toed footwear, and metatarsal footwear along with high visibility clothing to keep you protected on the job. They also keep a variety of souvenir items in stock, such as moccasins, cowboy hats, knives, and Basque items. Whether you need work clothes or simply want to take a piece of Elko culture back home with you, rely on these reputable retailers to provide you with high quality attire and unique novelty items.

When you want to shop for affordable clothing, footwear, and other items in a charming, historical atmosphere, head on into Anacabe's-Elko General Merchandise in beautiful downtown Elko. Give them a call at (775) 738-3295 today to speak with a welcoming staff member about fitting for boots and work clothes, and be sure to visit them online to find out more information about their many other products and souvenirs.

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