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Located in Ozark, AL, Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law is dedicated to meeting the legal needs of individual and business clients in civil and criminal matters. Serving the community since 1982, attorney Kennington combines his legal knowledge and experience with a caring approach, producing peace of mind and successful outcomes for clients in distress.  

Attorney Kennington is one of the most affordable bankruptcy attorneys in the area, and represents clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings; Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law has helped many clients obtain relief from burdensome debt. He is an experienced Social Security disability attorney, and helps relieve client suffering through disability benefit victories. When clients need a DWI or DUI attorney, they also turn to Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law for vigorous representation.

Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law has a well-trained, personable, and professional staff that provides excellent service from the beginning of a matter to its conclusion. Cases are handled thoroughly, with respect, and in strict confidence. Attorney Kennington’s current service as an Assistant District Attorney gives him valuable insights on the local approach to criminal law and procedure, and a significant advantage over other area law firms. He is proud to put this experience to work for his valued clients. 

When you need legal services, including an affordable bankruptcy, Social Security disability, or DUI attorney, contact Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law, in Ozark, AL. Call to schedule a consultation, or visit the firm’s website for more information.

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