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Hawaii is one of the best places for sushi in the world. Surrounded by water, the islands enjoy an abundance of fresh fish, along with a vibrant food culture inspired by Asian, American, and other international cuisines. Honolulu, specifically, is home to one of the best sushi catering companies around, staffed by innovative, experienced sushi chefs. Natsunoya Tea House offers an unbeatable sushi bar and banquet room rentals on Oahu.

Located atop the slopes of Alewa Heights, Natsunoya Tea House provides visitors and locals alike with an experience like no other. The facility features panoramic views of the island, authentic Japanese cuisine, and enough space to host an event of any size.

The banquet facilities at Natsunoya Tea House offer five separate rooms and can hold up to 280 guests for your next lunch or dinner party. If you’re interested in scheduling catering services at a location of your choice, Natsunoya Tea House offers amazing on-site sushi catering, too—with a special menu for funeral catering as well. 

The tasty sushi bar at Natsunoya Tea House provides patrons with fresh fish and tempura, as well as the opportunity to bring your own bottle of spirits to accompany your meal. Whether you're looking for an affordable party venue or full-service catering for your next business luncheon, Natsunoya Tea House will provide you a meal you'll never forget.

To make a reservation at their sushi bar or schedule catering services for your next event, contact Natsunoya Tea House today by calling (808) 595-4488. Visit their website to view their menu and banquet and catering prices.

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