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Alaska Hydro Ax


Based in Anchorage, Alaska Hydro Ax has been providing quality clearing services throughout the state for decades. Focusing on excavation, land clearing, tree stump removal, and more, this affordable clearing service has earned a reputation as Alaska's top excavation contractor. The skills and experience of the team will ensure that jobs of any scale get done right. In addition, the staff works hard and stays up-to-date with the latest technology.

With the equipment and the expertise to complete land clearing tasks of any kind, Alaska Hydro Ax tackles every stage of excavation, including site preparation. If tree stump removal is necessary, the team will remove any excess stumps, branches, and brush that are crowding your property.

Alaska Hydro Ax understands that their services are needed beyond Anchorage. That's why they serve all of South Central Alaska and the Interior with their high-quality land clearing services. Whether you're building a home or a road, this team will clear the area and ready it for excavation. 

Despite Alaska's tough terrain and weather, Alaska Hydro Ax understands that land clearing needs don't always run on a schedule. That's why they work year-round to provide high-quality land clearing and excavation services whenever you need them. 

Whether you're in need of complete land clearing or tree stump removal, Anchorage-based Alaska Hydro Ax has you covered with their experienced team of contractors. Visit them online to learn more, or call (907) 243-6200 to get your free estimate today!

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