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Minges Funeral Home, Funeral Homes, Services, Harrison, Ohio

Minges Funeral Home in Ohio is dedicated to helping families and friends of deceased loved ones through the difficult time of funeral planning. With three locations throughout Cincinnati and Harrison, their main goal is to go above and beyond for grieving loved ones, doing everything possible for a smooth, respectful funeral service.

The staff of the funeral home offers personalized attention to each client, providing options for each detail of the funeral service including casket selection and cremation services. As one of the oldest funeral homes in the Western Hills area of Ohio, their honest and supportive reputation has made them the number one choice of families for more than 150 years. This family-owned and operated funeral home is proud to continue its legacy of funeral planning and grief services for their clients.

Offering quality products and respectful service at affordable costs, the staff knows that a funeral service can be a financial difficulty for families and friends, especially during an emotionally overwhelming time. Their goal is to make the process stress-free and suggest pre-planning as a way to help alleviate stress. The funeral home offers a pre-planning form on their website that helps staff begin the process, and then follow up when arrangements are necessary. They also offer immediate need forms online when time is not an option.

Minges Funeral Home will complete death certificates and assist with any other required documents once a loved one has passed. Their website contains online forms to expedite final arrangements. The home also offers monthly support groups for widows and widowers and other grief counseling opportunities, including an annual seminar in November that offers tips for grieving during the holidays. They also have one-on-one support and reading materials on bereavement care and grief recovery.

Minges Funeral Home is available 24 hours a day to assist their clients in funeral planning and details for their services. For more information on their complete list of funeral service and funeral planning options as well as veterans’ benefits, call the funeral home at (513) 367-4544 or visit them online.

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