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TICK TOCK Naturals™ Organic Insect Repellent is a natural insect repellent line. With the increase in mosquitoes and ticks invading our backyards and camp grounds upstate, out in the Hamptons and even worse in the tropics, the question should not be "Should I use an insect repellent", but "Which insect repellent should I use". We pledge to keep you and your family bug free while keeping you safe from the dangerous chemical side effects that synthetic bug sprays cannot claim.

Tick Tock Naturals smells good, is absolutely not greasy, has a long lasting effect and is 100% safe. The spray is "Made in the USA" and is 100% Cruelty Free.

TICK TOCK Naturals completely repels mosquitoes, gnats and fruit flies, in addition to ticks. The product is organic and contains no pesticides.

The full suite of products include:

  • Organic Spray Stick (8 mL) - great for hikes, bike rides, and outdoor activities
  • Organic Spray (2.5 FL OZ) - meets TSA regulations to bring on the plane
  • Organic Spray (4.0 FL OZ) - good to have when camping and hanging out in the Hamptons
  • Organic Gift Set

If you're searching for an eco-friendly product that is safe for adults, children, and pets, TICK TOCK Naturals™ is your answer. Give it a try.

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