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If you have a move on the horizon, look to Hawaii’s Express Movers. They specialize in affordable commercial and residential relocation services on Oahu and the Big Island that will save you time and money. Rather than fret over the little things, let Express Movers pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings at your new home so you can start the next chapter in your life hassle-free. In the spirit of aloha, they make it feel like you’re being moved by family—with precision, flexibility, and care.

It can be difficult to find reliable movers who can handle large pieces of furniture or commercial equipment. But besides being known for their prompt arrival times and friendly team of professional movers, Express Movers is also experienced in carefully transporting big items for your home or business. They’ll get your property to its destination quickly and in perfect condition. From surfboards to bed frames and commercial appliances, no job is too big or too small.

Not only does Express Movers have experience, they're also locals who are familiar with the islands. Their insider knowledge helps them work quickly and get your belongings to your new home or office without a hitch. If you're moving from the mainland to Hawaii, your move is a bit more difficult than your standard relocation across town. If you’re a military family moving to the islands or a new Hawaiian resident, you can count on Express Movers to get you settled in, even from afar. Their priority is your satisfaction, and they work hard to make sure they know the specific conditions and expectations for every job.

Learn more about Express Movers and receive moving quotes by calling (808) 753-5555 or by visiting them online today. Keep in mind they also offer emergency moving services, so even if you have a short-notice move, you can count on them.

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