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MUZE Gallery (Nancy Coons)

MUZE Gallery (Nancy Coons)

MUZE Gallery (Nancy Coons)

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MUZE Gallery    (Nancy Coons), Art, Arts and Entertainment, Rochester, New York

Based in Rochester, Nancy Coons' unique nude paintings have grown from their space at her home studio to showings across the state. Her unique form of "exponentialized abstractism" has made her one of New York’s finest up-and-coming faces in contemporary art.

Nancy has been drawing since she was a child, creating unique art based on her surroundings. She continued the hobby into adulthood, when she attended college to grow her passion, creating contemporary art that would attract an audience.

Today, her work reflects extensive appeal. Influenced by artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh, Nancy’s work contains a rainbow of colors, and her gallery includes a mixed media collection of wood, art, textiles, paper, and furniture. Her original nude paintings encase the female figure in bright, beautiful colors that stand out in the world of contemporary art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

If you’re seeking unique art, Nancy Coons’ textiles make for an excellent gift—for others or for yourself. Based off of her nude paintings, the textiles create colorful, creative images. Shades such as bright blue, gold, and purple are always eye-catching, but when they’re attached to a textile, they create a whole new appeal. These pieces work great as scarves, wraps, or wall hangings so that you can display her unique art anywhere. These eclectic pieces extend her art into your wardrobe and your home—perfect for the art aficionado.

Today, the talented artist frequently displays her work throughout Rochester and NYC so that art fans can stop by her displays, while admirers everywhere can make purchases from her online shop. She frequently attends art world events, so be on the lookout for Nancy Coons near you! To learn more, visit her online, check out her Facebook page, or call her studio at (917)773-2787 today!

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