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Located in Downtown Galveston, TX, Island BrainWorks is a leader in the method of Brainwave Optimization®. This process is a natural way to achieve a longer-lasting and deeper feeling of relaxation in the brain, evening out brainwave patterns to recalibrate the mind. By achieving a state of calm and flexibility of brain rhythms, clients achieve a greater sense of well-being and emotional balance.

When someone experiences stress or trauma in their life, it can cause imbalances in their brain that affect their emotional, physical, and mental health. Using the guided methodology of Brainwave Optimization, Island BrainWorks helps adults and children use the way their brains naturally operate to once again find balance in their lives. As a longtime pupil of meditation and psychology, Island Brainworks’ owner Terry Conrad introduced this unique method to his office environment in 2007. Since then, he has witnessed firsthand the life-changing results this treatment can bring to his clients.

Island BrainWorks Brainwave Optimization is an entirely singular process due to its entirely non-invasive procedure. By aiding the brain in discerning what has caused a brainwave imbalance in the first place, this treatment helps the brain reset its thinking strategy with calming and relaxing settings and sounds.

If you are stuck in a state of stress, schedule a consultation or session with Island BrainWorks today to try this revolutionary system out for yourself. You can set up an appointment by calling (409) 599-7268 or (713) 299-2277—their Galveston office sees people seven days a week. You can learn more about Brainwave Optimization by visiting their website or following them on Facebook

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