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Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers

Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers: New York's Ideal Choice For Quality Home and Building Inspections.

Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers

2280 Grand Avenue
New York, NY 11510
(516) 766-1019
Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers, Home Inspection, Services, New York, New York

The usefulness and quality of any home and building inspection relies solely on the experience and knowledge of the person performing the inspection. The staff at Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers provide more experience and technical knowledge than all other inspection firms in the New York area.

Criterium Tauscher Cronacher Engineers provide:

  • A Comprehensive Inspection - executed by a licensed professional engineer
  • A Written Report - prepared promptly, easy to read, thorough and structural. Providing an understanding of the major systems of the home or building
  • Follow Up Assistance - available to discuss questions and worries at no additional charge

Their Professional Engineers Offer:

  • Registration as a professional registered architect or engineer
  • In-depth experience with building construction (both commercial and residential)
  • A commitment to serving the public as registered professional architects or engineers
  • On-going participation in training and quality control programs
  • An ethical obligation to serve their clients professionally and confidentially
  • Dedication to helping their clients understand their building by providing them with information in their written reports on what they need to know, including cost segregation review and assessment