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Have you ever considered the idea that laundry could be fun? If you like the idea of enjoying yourself while waiting for your laundry to finish, check out Bright Bubble Laundromat in Rochester, NY. Unlike the typical laundry place, Bright Bubble Laundromat invests in more than just heavy duty equipment—they make sure customers actually enjoy themselves.

Bright Bubble Laundromat brightens even the dullest of chores, simply by providing a clean and fun facility, vibrant customer service, weekly deals, and powerful washers and dryers. Forgot to bring a book? No problem! Bright Bubble Laundromat has four wide-screen televisions, arcade games for the young and young-at-heart, and a special play area for kids. You can even connect to free Wi-Fi to watch movies and surf the internet at your leisure.

Bright Bubble Laundromat cares about the environment and about saving you time, and they are proud to own the fastest and most efficient machines in the area. Bright Bubble Laundromat's 58 brand new, front-loading Electrolux machines are incredibly energy efficient and can wash loads ranging from 20 to 80 pounds in only half an hour. Don't have time? No problem! Ask Bright Bubble Laundromat about our drop-off laundry folding and delivery service.

Commercial clients can take advantage of this laundromat’s exceptional linen services. Trust their team to properly clean and press your linens to ensure your business is always putting its best foot forward. From restaurants to hotels and event centers, the staff at Bright Bubble Laundromat has you covered.

Residents and business owners of Rochester love this local laundromat, and you will too. To see all the great things people are saying about Bright Bubble Laundromat, check them out on Yelp. For more information, feel free to call (585) 978-7503 or visit their website.

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