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Any time you need reliable oil field equipment and pulling machines, Lucky Services, Inc. in Hobbs, NM, is ready to be of service. Since 1986, this family-operated company has committed themselves to providing foolproof oil field service and maintenance solutions to leading names in the industry. Regardless of the scope of an oil drilling project, you can count on their top-tier oil field equipment rentals to execute your project successfully.

Founded by Dwayne Taylor, Lucky Services, Inc. began as a small-scale oil field maintenance provider with only one oil rig in inventory. Thanks to their steady growth over the years, the flourishing business is prepared to take on any oil well servicing project easily—the company is proud to own an impressive 23 rigs today. Whether you opt for their cutting-edge pulling machines or dependable oil field equipment repairs, every service showcases their unmatched attention to detail.

To the qualified team at Lucky Services, Inc., nothing means more than ensuring a safe and secure environment for you to work in. Housing only top-notch oil field machinery, they make sure all their pulling machines and rigs are up-to-date on maintenance and performance. Furnishing you with the most advanced oil field equipment, they offer you the assurance that your premises and workforce are protected from mishaps.

Taking a highly personable approach in all their client interactions, the staff at Lucky Services, Inc. tailors all their services around your project specifications. Operating in Hobbs, NM, and Midland, TX, they are well aware of local requirements and manage the areas’ oil fields with outstanding efficiency.

With Lucky Services, Inc. in charge of your oil field maintenance and servicing, you know your oil drilling project is in good hands. Call their helpful staff at (575) 392-1547 today to discuss your pulling machine and oil field equipment needs in detail. You can also learn more about the company and their dedicated team of professionals by taking a tour of their website.

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