West Adams, California

Vees Cafe

Vees Cafe

5418 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
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Vees Cafe is Los Angeles’ favorite local cafés. With locations including West Adams, Boyle Heights and a new location coming soon on Miracle Mile, this neighborhood spot is frequented by locals and visitors alike for their delicious food and their awesome handcrafted beverages. If you’re looking for a coffee shop and a community art gallery all under one roof, drop by Vees Cafe to see what they have to offer.

Founded in 2008 by a group of friends with significant experience in the food service industry, Vees Cafe was the first of its kind in the West Adams neighborhood. Featuring organic coffee and tea, along with homemade food and cold-pressed juice, their healthy restaurant wasted no time making a name for itself in the area. Pretty soon, it was known as the best place to go for breakfast and lunch, popular for their bagels in the morning and their sandwiches in the afternoon.

More than a restaurant, Vees Cafe is an important community space in West Adams and Boyle Heights. While they’re still praised for their specially-curated breakfast and lunch menu, they’re also known for their artistic community events including sketching workshops with live models. Additionally, Vees Cafe is home to a host of art shows and open mic nights, where attendees can enjoy live music, poetry and comedy.

To browse their breakfast and lunch menus, visit them online. Like them on Facebook for upcoming events, and call the restaurants directly at their respective locations by dialing (323) 931-8337 (West Adams), or (323)264-8337 (Boyle Heights).

Announcements & Events from Vees Cafe
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