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French Kiss Oral Wellness

French Kiss Oral Wellness

17401 Ventura Blvd. Unit A-39
Encino, CA 91316
(818) 290-3162
French Kiss Oral Wellness, Dental Hygienists, Health and Beauty, Encino, California

Dental exams can be daunting, but not when you turn to the dental hygienists at French Kiss LA. This recently-opened dental spa in Encino, CA, offers exceptional teeth cleaning, whitening, and polishing services that are centered on maintaining oral wellness. Whether you need oral cancer screening or gum disease assessment, expect absolutely hassle-free and luxuriant preventative dental care services.

Providing the most advanced laser teeth whitening and X-ray facilities, French Kiss LA promises unmatched oral hygiene at the most affordable rates. The center takes a step away from traditional dental offices, helping you attain a bright and healthy smile without requiring any invasive procedures. From oral cancer screening to tooth decay diagnoses, every service is handled by their certified dental hygienists in the most diligent and professional manner.

Concentrating on wellness inside and out, French Kiss LA treats you like a special guest instead of a patient. Taking the edge off your dental exam, the wellness center sports a clutter-free, minimalistic ambiance to make you feel at home. Combined with champagne, soothing music, and aromatics, the peaceful atmosphere at this Encino dental spa is nothing short of a deluxe experience.

Placing a high priority on customer satisfaction, French Kiss LA goes above and beyond to accommodate its clients in every way. Apart from providing a comprehensive range of oral care services, their top-rated dental hygienists are also available after-hours with advance bookings. Keeping your comfort and convenience in mind, they offer you the facility of setting your appointments online at this exclusive dental spa.

Choosing French Kiss LA for your dental exams gives you the chance to experience the best dental spa facilities in Encino and beyond. To learn more about their laser teeth whitening and other teeth cleaning services, call (818) 290-3162 today or visit them online.

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