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Hank's AC Service is the premier HVAC repair company in Austin, TX. For years, these highly-skilled technicians have provided residential and commercial property owners with comprehensive air conditioning services, affordable prices and reliable repairs. Whether your air conditioning isn't cooling properly or you need an HVAC system replacement, contact Hank's AC Service for a long-term solution.

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioning freezing up in the middle of a hot Texas summer. In the event that this miserable situation occurs in your home, Hank's AC Service offers emergency air conditioning repair services; you’ll never have to wait for days on end for another HVAC contractor to fix it. After scheduling your prompt appointment with their friendly customer service team, Hank's AC Service will arrive equipped and ready to inspect your air conditioning system, assess the problem, and fix it.

The HVAC repair team at Hank’s AC Service is known across the city for providing homeowners and businesses alike with the highest quality products and comprehensive air conditioning services. Their outstanding reputation is backed by a stellar track record and a bevy of customer testimonials; happy clients have been praising the company’s fast, affordable, and reliable service for years. When you choose Hank’s AC Service, you’ll know they have the experience in customer satisfaction to get your job done right.

Whether you need air conditioning installation, service, repair or replacement, contact the pros at Hank's AC Service by calling (512) 961-5221 today. Visit them online for a full list of services and don't forget to follow them on Google too! 

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Spring is right around the corner, do you need to improve your HVAC System, or have your filters cleaned or changed? Hank’s AC Service is now offering $39.00 for a Pre-Season more
Spring is right around the corner, do you need to improve your HVAC System, or have your filters cleaned or changed? Hank’s AC Service is now offering $39.00 for a Pre-Season more
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Extend the life and efficiency of your AC.  Change your filters monthly.  Have regular checkups.  Make sure you have plenty of insulation.  Call Hank’s Service more
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Hank’s Service is a RHEEM PROPARTNER!  Replacing old HVAC equipment with Rheem equipment offers 10 year parts warranty.  Hank’s Service also offers 10 year labor warranty!! more
Replacing your old HVAC equipment with Rheem 15-18 seer will be more energy efficient.  The City of Austin and PEC offers rebates.  We offer 0% interest for 18 months. read more
It’s AC time!  Call us for a check up.  The City of Austin offers rebates for new equipment.  $450.00-$550.00 512-288-5880 read more
Austin is known for year round “Airborne Allergies”.  We can’t do anything about the outdoor, but can on the indoor.  Let us help improve your Indoor Air more
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Call us for your HVAC repair, service, or replacement.  We have a GREAT low interest financing for your HVAC needs.  512-288-5880 read more
HANK’S SERVICE, INC was awarded the 2016 Rheem Dealer.  Call us for your HVAC service. read more
CUSTOMER SERVICE At Hank’s Service we work hard to provide good customer service.  Please call us to perform a safety heater checkup. 512-288-5880 read more
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$149.00 Spring & Fall checkups, additional units $99.00 read more
Check ups are so important!  Serious damage can occur to your HVAC system without annual maintenance.    This is an example of a dirty condenser coil.  If you more
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