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Social Security and disability laws can be difficult to decipher. If you need help understanding these laws, get in touch with Debbie Feldmann in Alexandria, KY. As an experienced Social Security, disability, and criminal law specialist, Debbie Feldmann is passionate about arming her clients with the information they need to successfully navigate these areas. As a lawyer who truly takes the time to learn about your situation and the challenges you face, her understanding philosophy puts her in a unique position to handle your case with exceptional expertise and professionalism.

Although Debbie Feldmann is primarily a criminal lawyer, she serves clients with a wide range of services. She is an accomplished attorney with a strong track record of success in dealing with even the most complex cases and difficult situations. Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI or need to file a harassment lawsuit, Debbie Feldmann is your best choice for a favorable outcome. Her core specialties and services include:

DUI ChargesFelony ChargesSexual Harassment LawsuitsSocial Security & Disability LawPersonal InjuryMedical Malpractice Lawsuits

Count on Debbie Feldmann and her team to take the action required to achieve the best possible result with your Social Security or disability legal case. She uses a personalized approach and will not charge a fee if there is no recovery. The team works tirelessly for their clients, and you can book your consultation appointment at any time.

In addition to her clients in Alexandria, KY, Debbie Feldmann proudly serves the legal needs of residents throughout the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Call Debbie Feldmann now at (859) 261-4466 to schedule your appointment, or visit her firm’s website for more information about her services and approach.

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