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Stowing your belongings in a storage unit requires a great deal of trust in the company you choose, so you want to find a self-storage company with an established reputation for both security and customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of professional experience and a unique dedication to caring for clients, American Self Storage is the only self-storage facility in southeast Alabama, with facilities located throughout Dothan, Enterprise, and Ozark.

American Self Storage prides itself in the security of all of its storage facilities, each featuring controlled access and 24-hour video surveillance. They know that your belongings’ security is of the utmost importance— a responsibility they take very seriously. If issues do arise, you can depend on their highly-trained, professional management team to be fully responsive to your needs and work diligently to find resolutions to your problems.

American Self Storage provides an extensive array of storage options to choose from, whether you're downsizing your living space or looking for a place to store your boat. They boast a convenient selection of units in various sizes that come with or without climate control, in addition to a full suite of storage services. They have the clean, well-lit facilities to meet any storage needs.

In addition to highly secure storage options, American Self Storage strives to make your storage rental as easy and stress-free as possible with email invoicing, month-to-month contracts, and automatic payments. Visit their website to learn more about their range of services, call for rate inquiries, or stop by their any of their locations today.

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