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When encountering a death in the family, it’s comforting to have the assistance of someone experienced in funeral planning. Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home of Cincinnati, OH, offers a variety of services for funeral and memorial services, and will work with you to organize all proceedings according to your specifications. With over 100 years of experience in providing compassionate, comprehensive services for members of their community, you can depend on Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home to give your loved one a beautiful ceremony.

At Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home, their staff has experience working with families from all walks of life and organizing beautiful services for every unique individual. As a local funeral home, they proudly maintain connections with other community businesses, including florists, caterers, hotels and reception halls, making it simple to organize precisely what your family requires. Simply sit down with one of their sympathetic staff to discuss the details of your loved one’s service, and Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home will take care of the rest.

Finances aren’t a worry at Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home. Talk with your funeral planning professional about their affordable funeral planning options, and they will be happy to lay out a plan to suit your budget. The team at this compassionate company believes in making the funeral planning process as easy as possible for their clients, and they encourage every family to ask any questions they may have so they may provide the best support through this difficult time.

Open 24/7, Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home is always available when you may need them. Call one of their funeral planning professionals today in Cincinnati at (513) 661-3022 or in Harrison at (513) 367-4544, or visit their website for more information on holding a beautiful, affordable memorial service.

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