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Stocor Portable Storage, Moving Trailer Rental, Services, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Stocor Portable Storage is Wisconsin Rapids' source for high-quality shipping and storage container rentals. Their innovative delivery methods and customer-focused approach to storage make temporary storage convenient, whether you're clearing out a building for remodeling or need a mobile office. Available for both residential and commercial rentals, these local leaders will bring a clean, secure portable storage container directly to your home or business and pick it up when it's full.

Stocor Portable Storage carries 10, 20, and 40-foot storage units, each built with a durable steel frame to provide maximum security. For additional protection, every unit features a lock box between the doors, concealing and protecting your lock from tampering and damage. All units supplied by Stocor Portable Storage are water-tight and mold-resistant, so you can store even your most valuable belongings with confidence. They are ground level for easy loading and unloading and won’t tip or tilt.

With storage containers from Stocor Portable Storage, you only need to load and unload your belongings once. They will move your container, and they even maintain a safe storage facility if you want to secure your container for longer. These portable storage pods are useful as moving containers or on job sites. They also offer mobile office containers as a cost-effective way to build a temporary office off-site. They offer different layouts and a number of options, including collapsible desks, lighting, windows, and even electric hookups.

In addition to storages for rent, Stocor Portable Storage also sells a wide variety of used shipping and storage containers. They even offer modification options, like doors, windows, and paint, so you can tailor it to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for permanent storage or a small service facility, used shipping containers are an ideal and innovative solution.

When you’re looking for a creative and affordable way to store or move your belongings, try a portable storage unit from Stocor Portable Storage in Wisconsin Rapids. Visit this storage facility online to see their full range of services, or call (715) 423-7368 for a free quote today.

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