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At Tri-State Eye in Middletown, NY and Milford, PA, they believe that you deserve to see the world with crisp, clear vision. Their expert team of eye doctors, eye surgeons, and retina specialists will help you see as well as you should. From glaucoma to vision loss, their staff diagnoses and treats a range of conditions so you can get out and enjoy the world.

Their eye doctors prioritize patient satisfaction, so everyone who visits their office leaves happy. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and optimal comprehensive care, they expertly pinpoint and treat any issues, providing the highest quality care available. They consistently provide the safest, most advanced procedures for their patients, and stay up to date on the most state of the art cataract surgery equipment. When patients are faced with a major procedure, the experts at Tri-State Eye understand you need a surgeon you can truly trust, and are ready to show you why their staff is the best in the business.

They also treat diabetic eye problems, dry eye issues, and more. If you suffer from vision loss, they will conduct an eye exam and write you a reliable eyeglasses or contacts prescription. They will also address glaucoma, retina issues, and cataract symptoms.

Whether you suffer from cataracts or vision loss, visit Middletown and Milford’s most trusted eye doctors for the expert care you need. To schedule an appointment at Tri-State Eye, speak with a member of the caring Middletown, NY staff at (845) 703-2020 and Milford, PA at (570) 296-9696. To learn more about their offered services, visit their website

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While it’s easy to take your eyes for granted, there are many vision-threatening issues to be wary of. The eye doctors at Tri-State Eye in Middletown, NY and Milford, more
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Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects the optic nerve, the part of your eye responsible for transmitting images to the brain. This disease is the leading cause of vision loss in more
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The caring team at Tri-State Eye believe that when patients are informed, they’re better able to look out for signs of any potential eye issues that may arise. Their caring team more